jak & dexter

Game Concept and Description
Jak and Daxter is a successful video game franchise originally developed by Naughty Dog for the PlayStation 2. Currently, five games in the series have been released, with Jak as the primary playable character in all except Daxter for the PSP.
The Jak series is primarily a platformer, requiring the player to control Jak or Daxter in jumping puzzles to reach a final goal while avoiding enemy attacks.

Game Release Dates and Sales Performance
Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (PS2, December 2001)
Jak II (PS2, October 2003)
Jak III (PS2, November 2004)
Jak X: Combat Racing (PS2, October 2005)
Daxter (PSP, March 2006)
Total sales of over 9 million copies so far, with over 1 million units on the PSP.

Game Platform(s)
PlayStation 2, PSP

Game Target Demo
Kids through Teen

Marketing Initiatives
A bonus disc given out by Sony Computer Entertainment in a special promotion, the Complete Trilogy Movie DVD gives gamers a recap of the Jak & Daxter series with a run of scenes from the game franchise. The 90 minute movie is about the exploits of Jak and his infamous sidekick Daxter, who also provides the cinematic narration.
Marketing support continues for all titles through SCEA’s Greatest Hits marketing initiatives.



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